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JUNE  2015


The objectives of the Abilene Geological Society shall be to promote the sciences of petroleum geology, environmental geology and related technologies in West Central Texas; to foster the scientific spirit in fields of petroleum geology, environmental geology, and related technologies; to encourage professional cooperation among geologists and associated scientists; and to publish learned and professional publications in the fields of petroleum geology, environmental geology,  and related technologies and distribute the same to interested members of the profession and public.


Monthly luncheon meeting held on the third Thursday of each month except for the summer months (June—August) and Christmas break (December). Guests are  welcome.


PRESIDENT: Steve Smith

Clear Fork, Inc.

P. O. Box 3095

Abilene, TX  79604

Office: (325) 677-1309





Van Operating , LTD.

P. O. Box 2530

Albany, TX  76430

Office: (325) 762-3353




TREASURER: Audra Horton

Geological Research Center

1157 N. 5th

Office: (325) 673-5057

Abilene, TX 79601




SECRETARY: Edward J Porter

Integral Exploration, Inc.

1500 Industrial Blvd., Ste 207

Abilene, TX.  79602

Office: (325) 660-4618




PAST PRES:  Allan Frizzell

Enrich Oil Corporation

P. O. Box 1320

Abilene, Tx. 79604

Office: (325) 672-3739





Monte Meers

Meers Microseep Surveys

226 Dug Out Mtn. Rd.

Tuscola, TX 79562

Office: (325) 572-5372

Abilene Geological Society Officers 2015 - 2016


Jeff Jones will be the AGS president for 2015 - 2016.

Steve Smith will be the immediate past-President.


The Nominees for offices for the AGS for 2015 - 2016 are:


Toby Andrews -          Vice President 2015 - 2016 and

                                        President Elect 2016 - 17


Audra Horton - Treasurer


Ed Porter - Secretary